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Revision - Yellow Tag

1. How many moves in Chon-ji?
2. What is the meaning of Chon-ji?
3. How do you form a knifehand?
4. What is front snap kick in Korean?
5. What part of the foot is used when performing front snap kick?
6. What is the Korean for a pattern?
7. What is the Korean for a Strike?
8. What does the colour Yellow Belt signify?
9. What is L-stance in Korean?
10. What is the weight distribution in L-stance?
11. What is the Korean for 3 step sparring?
12. Name 3 blocks in Korean?
13. What part of the arm is the blocking tool when using Rising block?
14. Is Rising block performed half or full facing?
15. What is the Korean for double punch?
16. What is significant about 11th April 1955 ?
17. Who is our Master in Taekwondo, currently 8th Degree?
18. What is the Korean for fore fist & back fist?
19. What is the Korean for knifehand?
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