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Revision - Red Tag

1. How many moves in Toi-Gye?
2. Meaning of Toi-Gye?
3. What is the 2nd and 3rd move of Toi-Gye. Both in Korean & English?
4. Show me & what is the Korean for slow twin side elbow trust?
5. Show me & what is the Korean for W-shape block?
6. How do we generate power into W-shape block?
7. What is the Korean for sitting stance and explain it?
8. What is the Korean for the knee technique (upward knee kick) in Toi-Gye?
9. Name 2 different fingertip trusts. Both in Korean & English?
10. What is the purpose of the jump in Toi-Gye?
11. What is the Korean for X-stance and explain it?
12. Name 8 different blocks. Both in Korean & English?
13. Name 6 different kicks. Both in Korean & English?
14. Name 7 different stances. Both in Korean & English?
15. Name 6 different hand parts. Both in Korean & English?
16. Name 5 different foot parts. Both in Korean & English?
17. Name 4 different hand attacks from pattern Joong-Gun. Both in Korean & English?
18. What is Neo-Confucianism?
19. The 38 moves in Yul-Gok refer what 2 things?
20. What are the 5 tenets of Tkd. Which 1 best represents you?
21. Who are the three Masters in Ireland who teach ITF Taekwon-do to us?
22. Name each pattern you know & how many moves in each 1?
23. What does any colour up to red signify?
24. What is the meaning of any pattern up to Toi-Gye ?
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