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Revision Sheets

Revision - Red Belt

1. How many moves in Hwa-Rang?
2. Meaning of Hwa-Rang?
3. What is the 1st move of Hwa-Rang. Both in English and Korean & explain its purpose?
4. What is the Korean for the upward punch in Hwa-Rang & explain its purpose?
5. What is the Korean for Vertical stance & explain it?
6. What is the release move in Hwa-Rang & explain it?
7. Which 3 patterns have release moves?
Show me & explain the difference between them?
8. When performing L-stance & punch in Hwa-Rang. Is it obverse or reverse?
9. What is the ready position in Hwa-Rang. Both in English and Korean?
10. What is the Korean for Walking stance and explain it?
11. Name 8 different blocks. Both in Korean & English?
12. Name 7 different kicks. Both in Korean & English?
13. Name 7 different stances. Both in Korean & English?
14. Name 6 different hand parts. Both in Korean & English?
15. Name 6 different foot parts. Both in Korean & English?
16. Name 4 different hand attacks from pattern Hwa-Rang. Both in Korean & English?
17. Name the 4 parts of your forearm. Both in English and Korean?
18. What does Red Belt signify?
19. What is the difference in weight distribution in vertical stance?
20. What is the difference between L-Stance and Fixed Stance?
21. How have you supported your club and organisation?
22. Name each pattern you know & how many moves in each 1?
23. What does any colour belt up to Red signify?
24. What is the meaning of any pattern up to Hwa-Rang?
25. Why do you want to be a Blackbelt?
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